Hinders C Food Betalin 50ml

Hinders C Food Betalin is a combination of our two greatest attractors and our first 'savoury' Betalin. A fantastic hookbait attractor this product is also great to add to particles, pellets and groundbaits to give them that extra boost. It is completely natural and can't be overloaded
  • 50ml Bottle
  • Savoury & Sweet - no bitter aftertaste
  • Great to use all year round
  • Transforms any hookbait
  • Works wonders with maggots, worms, plastic, pellets and particles
  • Can’t be overloaded 
  • Beware of cheap imitations!!
  • TOP TIP Use 3- 5ml per kilo for particles and 1-2ml per six eggs for boilie mixes.

Its vitally important to understand the make-up and mechanics of Betalin; it’s not a simple ester based sweetening agent containing Thaumatin and other extracts, it’s a very broad-spectrum functional taste enhance that works with a wide-ranging variety of flavours and attractors, hence the reason why it is so successful.

The complex composition of taste enhancers ensures that flavours are prolonged during the taste and smell perception process, meaning these areas last so much longer in a bait, and eventually on the taste receptors of the fish, eating and smelling the baits containing Betalin.

It was logical to harness the unique components of Betalin to interact with synergy and C-FOOD attractor package. The C-FOOD attractor matrix contains low levels of Betalin, but by enhancing the levels of both the overall end result is dynamic! The neat product can be used like any other Betalin product, there is no limit for direct spraying onto hook baits, pellets, particles etc. A big edge is to soak the hookers in neat C-FOOD Betalin. You won’t be disappointed, so think sweet and sour as if you were having a Chinese takeaway, and enjoy the resulting experience, it doesn’t get much better!

Customer Reviews

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I like use Betalin good product.

Steve Warren (Great Malvern)
Great Stuff

I'm afraid it took me a little while to use this product, due to ill health.
But, I managed a 2nd place in my first match in our winter league, using this with corn & expanders soaked on this product.
Lovely smelling stuff!
My top just kept going round and later on my pole float buried nicely in the last hour of the match.
Highly recommended 👌

David Palmer (Tipton)

Sorry it’s taken so long but I’m just getting over a knee injury so I’m still unable to get out on the bank, as soon as I’m able to I’ll give it a go and let you know how I got on with it. Thank you

John Lazenby (Poulton-le-Fylde)
Happy days

Perfect product - easy site navigation - Speedy delivery.

Pedro Harris (Sheffield)

Hinders C Food Betalin 50ml