Hinders Tutti Frutti Glug

Hinders Tutti Frutti Glug is completely 100% PVA Friendly and is a great addition to the Tutti Frutti Boilies, as well as stick and spod mixes.

  • 125ml wide neck bottle - perfect for dunking your rig before casting out!
  • PVA friendly
  • Original Tutti Frutti flavour

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Dave Carabache (Croydon)
great product

Just like Beta'nana catches where other baits can fail

Ian Hastings (Hove)

Have not used yet but smells great and should do well, based upon past experience.

Mick dashwood (Bedford)
Hinders tutti glug

Hinders tutti glug is a product I always use in conjunction with the other tutti baits with one exception , I will come back to that shortly. I use this glug in solid PVA bags, PVA mesh sticks, feed pellets and PVA stringers the one exception is I glug my hookbaits in the other glug, hinders betalin and tutti and I believe these two glugs are 5 star products, one last thing is that hinders claim the glug is identical to the original .....not quite!! The hinders version is a lot thicker and clings onto whatever you apply it to, I'm sure this is an improvement on the original glug

Fred Steele (Stafford)
Tutti Frutti glug

Hinders always reliable and deliver on time.Been using them for years.

Gavin Thompson (Leicester)
Tutti glug

Very good fishing single baits in winter glugged in this