Longleat Lakes - Day Ticket Guide

Situated near the town of Warminster in Wiltshire,Longleat Safari Park and House is a world renowned tourist attraction. Not so widely known about is the three fishing lakes situated within the Longleat estate. These are the bottom, middle and the one of interest to day ticket carp fishermen, the top lake.

The top lake is around 7 acres in size, with depths ranging from 2' - 10'. The carp stock is around 600 fish ranging in size from 9lb to a lake record ghost common of 35lb+. The average sized fish based on my captures is around the 14-15lb mark with 1 in 5 fish being 20lb+. There is a mixture of long lean commons, shorter, fatter simmo type fish, scaly mirrors and ghost commons/mirrors, as well as some bigger commons. The fishing can be extremely hectic with 5+ fish a day and 10+ fish in 24hours regularly achieved even in winter.

Top Tactics:

A variety of tactics work including fishing over a spodded area of particle or pellet, PVA bags of pellets with hi-viz hookbaits, single hi-viz pop ups as well as standard boilie fishing. The tactic which has caught me the majority of my fish is small, slow sinking flouro yellow pop ups in PVA bags ofLittle Gemz Pellets, cast regularly to showing fish. Due to the nature of the lake, namely long and thin and reasonably shallow (except the dam end) fish location is usually quite easy.

Additional information

Please check with bailiff/website for full rules: Bailiff is Nick Robbins - Mobile Number 07889625999 strictly between 8am - 6pm only.

Day ticket price - April - September 7am - 7pm October - March 8am - 5pm £10 for 3 rods. 24 hour ticket £20 for 3 rods.

  • Environment Agency Rod Licence must be with you
  • Barbless hooks only
  • No carp sacks/keepnets
  • No bait boats
  • Must be in possession of unhooking mat
  • Minimum 10lb mainline