Supercharged Green Tuna Groundbait


Supercharged Green Tuna Groundbait is a very special groundbait that Keith developed quite a few years ago, and that took the match world apart, no names mentioned, but both nationally and locally anglers using this groundbait cleaned up where ever they went, ask Chris Telling, his late father was so protective of this groundbait poor old Chris never got a look in, let alone a bag of the groundbait!

The key to this are the very potent attractors, punching out a very strong natural tuna, almost as fresh as opening a can of tuna in oil. The base mix is very attractive in its own right, harnessing three key components that are identifiable as strong feeding triggers.

The bait has been used in every angling situation from the mighty Trent to small lakes and canals. Carp anglers will find this very attractive and an excellent method feeder mix, but in saying that, it was superb for barbel, bream, chub and yes, F1’s! A very different groundbait, making it a very special one to have in your armoury.

  • Available in 900g or 1.75kg 
  • Matching dumbell hookbaits also available

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Keith hunt (Canvey Island)

Sorry but not used any yet our trip to the wye was cancelled due to the fishing being suspend.service was excellent though. 👍

Tony H (Croydon)
Best Paste Mix Ever

Mixed 1/1 with water it makes the perfect paste, brilliant consistency and highly effective I’ve had some serious weights in the last 3 trips fishing nothing but a blob of supercharged green paste over cupped in 6mm C food pellets, very impressed!

Dave tombs (Bury St Edmunds)
Tuna ground bait

First impression it stinks without any help from oil etc mixes well and caught on it straight away in my method mix

paul locke (Cleveleys)
Polys black

Great ground bait got the roach and skimmers feeding recommend highly

stephen cohen (Balham)
Tuna supercharged groundbait

Excellent in method feeders and solid bags, has great attraction and easy to use.