Top Anglers use Hinders Baits

Welcome to our Superstars page featuring some of the biggest stars fishings got to offer. These well known anglers have had great success using our bait.

Danny Fairbrass (Korda)

I always use Hinders Dry Particles because I know they are top quality and so super attractive to the carp. Recently I have used the Tiger Nuts and Peanuts for my UK and French fishing. I cook them in Pataks Extra Hot Curry Paste to enhance the attractiveness. I soak tigers for 48 hours with the paste in the warm water I use and then boil them for at least 1 hour. Peanuts they only need 12 hours soaking in warm water and then literally 10 mins on the boil, if you do them too long they go to soft to stay on the hair.

Danny Fairbrass loves Hinders Baits

Stick Mixes - Hinders are leading the way in super attractive easy to use Stick Mixes. My favourite is Flamin Squidz. I love the coarse nature, gorgeous smells and tiny pellets. I empty a tin of Tuna into a bait box, add a few extra bigger pellets and then mix in the stick mix until a moist consistency is achieved. I make a tiny stick using either the Korda Long Chuck or Boilie Funnel Webs and slide it down the hooklink onto the hookbait. A great tip when using pop ups is to use a Korda Chod It tool to open the hole in the stick so it easily slides over the putty/sinker counterbalance under the boilie.

I use sticks when there are few nuisance fish and I am spodding out a mix of Hinders Salt 'n' Pepper loaded with Corn and Chopped Cell Boilie.


Ali Hamidi (Korda)

I’m a real fan of the Hinders range and I find more and more of their products in my bait armoury with every passing year. For my Barbel and River fishing, I love the Elips PelletsBarbel Bomb Feeder Mix and hookbait selections.

Ali Hamidi Barbel

With my carp fishing, I constantly have an array of Hinders ready-made Hemp and Particle jars in my van, along with Little Gemz Pellets and one of my favourite Hinders Products, the Nutz Sludge which I love for Spodding over Zigs, one of my most popular methods.

Whatever your angling scenario, if you’re like me and want some additional options away from your favourite boilies, then the Hinders range has to be high on your list”.

Steve Ringer (Guru)

Nutz Sludge for me is the ideal mix when targeting carp up in the water in the warmer months. Having used it in conjunction with both feeder and mini spod I can testify that the cloud it creates not only draws carp into the swim but also helps to hold them there.

Steve Ringer with a Wye Barbel