June 04, 2024 3 min read

Bundled my kit into my car and ventured North to hang out with my good pal Simon Busta Ashton and hopefully catch some chunky bream...


Big Bream, in particular ones over 10lb have been on my radar for several years, but for one reason or another I’ve never managed to catch one. So the game plan was to get my first double! 


We settled in adjacent swims with what wind there was in our faces. After finding a nice clear spot at a manageable distance it was time to put a bed of bait out there. 


For me it was, Hinders Bait munga mix, prepared hemp, mixed pellets (pretty much everything i had left in the garage), hemp and mini mazeand some sweetcorn.
Having seen fish in the area, I decided to start with just a few kilo’s over the two rods.


I fished large method feeders with Super charged green ground bait, a short hooklink with balanced Betalin soaked plastic corn.


With some patches light weed on the area having the hookbait wafting gave me assurance it was presenting well. 


As darkness fell and with liners becoming more frequent my confidence was high, 


Simon was first to catch, a large framed fish but light for its size, it appeared we might have got the timing slightly wrong, spawning was due in a few weeks but this fish looked like it had gone through the motions already.


After a recast and a few top up spombs he was away again. Another 9lb fish that looked like it would be 11 or 12lb a week or so earlier.


It was great to fish being caught but also made catching a double a little less likely...


Seeing the Aurora Borealis appear on social media feeds I turned off all light and distraction in my swim as gazed into the night sky.


However it wasn’t these magical lights that broke the darkness, it was my Delkim light.. a few hesitant beeps and then the bobbin to the blank and with the clutch gently ticking I was away! 


A non eventful fight and a large framed bream glided over the net, it was obvious when I lifted her from the water that she would not threaten the 10lb mark or even a PB - at 8lb it was a welcome fish nonetheless.


An hour later and I was in again, this time the fish was a little heavier over 9lb but again light for its frame . This was the last action for either of us that night and with no signs of the Northern lights it was soon morning. 


A beautiful day in glorious sunshine was spent prepping for the night ahead. With the sun dropping over the far bank leaving us with a stunning sun set it was time to focus. 


We were made to wait, with bites coming just before light. A very positive bite pulling line from the clutch had me racing to the rod, this time I was into battle with the fish kiting into open water.


She was soon mine however, and I could see straight away she was much bigger and heavier than the previous fish At 11lb 3 target and PB was smashed, with her secured in the net, I began to organise her photo shoot, but was interrupted with my second rod bouncing on the Delkim! 


This fish really took me by surprise and gave a good account for himself, a feisty male was soon in the net, and also tipped the scales over 10lb at 10lb 1 ounce! 


After years of waiting I had 2 doubles in 20 minutes! 


,,,, Happy days Huge thank you to my great mate Simon, great advice, great company and some stunning photos too!! 


Thanks mate