May 25, 2024 1 min read

Now that the water temperatures have warmed finally and we are through the cold weather, I move onto the ultimate food bait C-food.  As I have done for the last 4 or 5 years I've moved from a Nut/milk protein style bait to a fish protein style food bait. Despite the nut working very well all year through for me it's just what I have always done. 

My first trip on the C-food was to be on my syndicate last week and the results was nothing short of amazing. Using the Plum favoured C-food dumbell wafters as hookbaits along side my usual mix that's served me so well.
My mix always consists of Hemp, Maize C-food 12mm, Mini dumbells, Chilli Hemp Oil and lashings of C-food glug. I also introduced a mix of Elips and Little Gemz separate to the spomb mix.
My confidence in C-food as a bait is next level serving me some incredible results year after year.


Bag a biggun