June 05, 2019 2 min read

I was back down the low stocked pit for a bank holiday social with a couple of mates, and decided to fish the point swim. I've not done a lot of time in the point swims but I could still get one rod on a spot that I fish from the causeway bank. The night went with no signs of carp in the area but at first light I saw a carp show about 5 yards away from the spot and within minutes my alarm went into meltdown. After a mad five minutes my first common was in the net not a big fish but welcome all the same. I thought I would have a nice water picture so I put my mat down by the waters edge, got my waders on in to the water unzipped the retainer sling went to pick her up and with one flap of her tail she was gone! (obviously camera shy lol).

With that I re did my rods and got on with the rest of the day thinking I need another carp. Watching the water for what seemed like hours I started to see a few bubbles to the back of the spot. Nothing happened through the day so I decided it was time to bait up with a mix of Tutti and Beta'nana crushed, chopped and whole stabilised boilie plus a mix of Flatz, Little Gemzand 6mm Tutti pellets with a handful of sweetcorn mainly for visual reasons all glugged with Tutti Oil.

The fish where very active through the night but nothing happened and first light came and went. Just when I thought bite time had passed the rod were away and for the next ten minutes the fish took me on a mad run weeding me up from one weed bed to the next but eventually in the net she went and it was another common slightly bigger then the first one this time. I decided I was doing my pictures up the bank away from the water this time!! l fish were caught using a 15mm yellow tutti pop up on a short chod rig set up over that bed of Tutti, Beta'nana, and pellet spod mix happy days!! 


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Hinders The Big Cheeze
robin dix (Farnborough)
The big Cheeze

I have been a fan of cheese flavoured bIts since the very early 80’s, all I can say is that this is the best ready made I have found so far and trust me I have looked. As someone who has always made his own bait, using this will give me more time on the bank, my only niggle is I need bigger bags of it…

Regards Robin

Hinders Little Gemz 2.3mm Pellets
graham smith (Hampton)
great bait

great only used a few time worked well when i did use it

Polly's Punch Crumb 700g
clive milsom (Cleckheaton)
Base for all winter roaching

Excellent in all aspects

Hinders Big Bite Combo
john malone (Hadleigh)
Big bite combo and C sample boilies

Excellent pellet groundbait and delivered on time. Not tried C samples yet but look and smell good. John M

Betanana 5kg Bait Bundle
Another Hinders Quality Bait

If you are looking for a winter bait that ticks all the boxes Betanana fits the bill. Great value with the usual quality I’ve come to expect from Hinders . Thankyou Mr Jarrett and team.