Hinders Tutti Frutti Stabilised Boilies


Tutti Frutti just got better!!

We've taken our well established Tutti Recipe and made it even better!! The proven attractor recipe has now been intensified with a blend of sweetening agents to produce a nicer, less chemically taste boilie. We know all carp like a bit of sweetness in their diet. The other bonus is that the sweetening agents have a synergistic effect with the Tutti Flavour meaning it becomes even more attractive to the fish!! Faster release of the flavour complex into the water column is enhanced with a softer bait, also making mechanical digestion much easier, in so many words they will want to eat more, quicker.

Can Tuttis be made better... well we think we just have!!

Stabilised Boilies - More Bites, More Fish, More Often

Stabilised boilies have the same nutritional profile as frozen bait, but don't require freezing. They're also softer than traditional readymade boilies, which allows water to penetrate them more quickly - making them more attractive to fish and therefore more productive when you want bites more quickly. 


Customer Reviews

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Roger Crossfield (Norwich)
Tutti Frutti 12ml boilies.

Only used them once since the water temperatures dropped. Experience has taught me that once this happens the Tutti Fruitti usually outfishes anything else.
Went to a small local water with a good stock of small carp and was not disappointed catching 5 carp on the Tuttis and nothing on a well known bait that had
served me well all summer, all in a short three hour visit. Always a good back up bait when everything else fails.

John Pogmore (Biggleswade)
Personal Best Common

After achieving a personal best mirror carp over 39lbs, I enjoyed a run of big commons including fish weighing 30lbs 10oz, 35lbs, 33lbs and then 39lbs 10oz, another personal best. All the fish fell to single bottom baits fished together with a small number of freebies. At least two of these fish picked up my baits within minutes of casting out.

paul marsh (Farnham)

Great bait as always

Sean (Guildford)
Still the top winter single.

I have only used twice as singles on two different lakes both times producing a fish in cold conditions where the established bait produced nothing! ...impressive!

John Pogmore (Biggleswade)
Personal best achieved

Fantastic baits. Within a few minutes of using them in my local lake, I caught a 39lb 2oz mirror carp followed by a 28lb mirror. I have continued to catch on them without any pre-baiting with my last fish in November being a 30lb 10oz common carp. The lake is considered to be a moderately hard water.