August 23, 2017 1 min read

Me and Eli had a go on the river Ribble today ,it was up a good few feet and conditions looked good for some barbel , but it ended up being a tough old session. Eli managed a lovely p.b river bream of around 6 lb ( un-weighed ) ,this was caught using two Large Elips Pellets soaked in Elips Liquid on a hair rig to a running lead set up .

Bites went dead after that until the sun dropped behind some trees on the far bank and again Eli's rod hooped over. This time it was a barbel this was caught on a dumbell boilie with a PVA mesh bag of Elips Pellets and Halibut Pellets attached to the hook. As the evening grew a bit darker my rod sprung into action ,fish on it was a barbel none of them big but very welcome indeed. This one was caught on a halibut pellet on a long hair rig using a heavy open ended feeder filled with a mixture of Hinders Large Elips Pellets and Halibut Pellets soaked in Elips Oil. Those fish certainly saved the blank and was our first barbel of the season thus far ,hopefully, the next session we can find a bigger barbel or two until next time. tight lines Roy and Eli.

Tight Lines Roy and Eli.

Roy and Eli.