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Syndicate Carping

August 19, 2017

Syndicate Carping

Moving house can be stressful, what better way to take some of the stress away than pop down the syndicate for a 24. I managed to grab a few things from boxes and was soon on my way. 
When arriving I done the usual lap of the lake, only seeing one fish is peg one I wasn't so confident. There was one other angler on and he had blanked the last 24 hours. I decided to go back to peg one after I'd finished my chat and see if I could spot anymore fish. All of a sudden the wind died down and I could see at least 20 carp cruising about. I quickly popped to the car and got my gear. 
I decided to start by clicking a few dog biscuits out as I don't know the swim and would have to lead about, knowing this I thought I'd at least try to knick one. After 45 minutes I bagged what must be the smallest carp in the lake. That's that target done! As I thought the commotion pushed the fish away allowing me to lead about without to much bother. I found some nice spots to present a bait and got the rods in. 
I scattered Marine boilies which were dosed with a good helping of Hinders Fish Pro liquid and presented my favourite snow man rig with mesh bags of marine stick mix mixed with Hinders 50/50 Gemz, again with some Hinders Fish Pro Liquid
At about 9pm I lost a good fish to the reeds. After this I picked up 2 carp and 1 bream. The best being a 20lb Ghoastie. 
I'm hoping to get back down in the next week or so for a quick over nighter. Hopefully I will have a few more residents to show you all. 
Until then, 
Happy angling

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