August 18, 2017 1 min read

Another great session on my local water Moulden Hill using feeder and waggler tactics. I began on my on the long range feeder at about 45yrds kicking it off with 6 casts of bait as the resident bream hang out in big shoals so I feel it is important to make sure when they turn up there is plenty of bait on the lake bed to keep them there.

Sure enough it worked in fact they turned up pretty quick as my first cast hit the spot and sank my line and put my rod on the rest and tightened up the tip instantly pulled round and after a short fight I slid my net under a rather nice bream of about 5lb this action continued until lunch time. So as things slowed up I decided to start fishing the waggler as the whole time I was fishing the feeder I was pinging pellets over the waggler line about 25yrds out. This tactic also seemed to have worked as my first cast produced a bite and as I lifted the rod it instantly hooped over rather aggressively this was no bream I knew it was one of the resident tench and after a very nice scrap it was in my net a nice fish about 4lb this action also continued for a while.

For my whole session by alternating between each method when things went quiet I able to account for 62 fish in my days fishing it just shows by chopping and changing when things are quiet you can keep fish coming all day.