September 09, 2019 2 min read

With a two night session a head of me and armed with the new Beta'nana. I headed to my chosen venue in far from perfect conditions. With the forecast of heavy rain, sunshine and cloud I was certainly going to be up against it, but with strong northerly winds I felt I knew where the fish would be. I finished my 12 hour night shift at 6am and was at the lake by 7:30am. After 2 laps I was none the wiser of the fishes whereabouts. I went with my gut instinct and set up on the back of the strengthening northerly wind. Bait wise I came armed with a large bucket of hemp, tigers, Beta'nana boilies and lots of chilli hemp oil. I had mixed sized Beta'nana boilies and plenty of crumb. My gut instinct was luckily correct and I managed 3 bites that first day. Unfortunately losing two due to a hook pull and a snag.
The first fish being a scraper 20lb mirror.
As evening fell I topped up the spots with around a kilo of bait and also added some Little Gemz pellets. Shortly after dark I could hear the occasional fish rolling out in the gloom. With confidence sky high I retired to bed around 11:30pm. I was soon dragged from my slumber by a screaming fox alarm. The first fish of the night gave a good account for itself and topped the scales at 28lb. I took a few snaps and I was soon back in the land of nod. Just before first light the middle rod went into meltdown. Instantly I knew I was connected to a better fish as it took 25 yards of line when I picked the rod up. After a rather epic battle a decent angry mirror looked up at me from the folds of my net. On the scales the long scaly fish went a tad over 35lb. I managed a further 3 fish that trip including a second thirty at 31lb 12oz. Just before I finished packing away I managed one more bite.
A cracking 27lb linear.

Craig Runham



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All Hinders products I have used so far have been effective this attached to great correspondence, great products and good delivery times all make a great company to deal with.
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Super fast delivery great products


Product is great but not what I ordered, wanted the mini mix for my pva bag fishing, no response when queried sadly but it’s doing the trick anyway thankfully, hopefully they send the correct product next time

With such a fantastic product like betalin it’s hard to make it better but I feel this is exactly what hinders have done adding the touch of banana! The betalin and banana is a winning combination and the perfect compliment to the rest of the betanana range! I use it to give my betanana pop ups and wafters that extra kick but also soak all plastics and zig foam! Added to particles or pellet is another deadly edge, I’d go as far as saying it’s one of the best betalin combos yet!