June 29, 2021 1 min read

Just back from the most incredible red letter session!

 It was my first trip to my new syndicate, I set myself a mini target of 5 fish for the 6 month ticket but what unravelled next has blown that out the window!

Paul with a Mid Twenty Common caught on C Food 

I managed 11 fish in total including a new Pb and the queen of the lake at 46lb, and 2 other A team fish at 38lb 14oz and 39lb 4oz . The rest consisted of 2x28 plus commons 2x27 plus commons, 27lb 6oz mirror, 25lb10oz mirror and a 24lb common. All the fish were caught on solid bags with a C Food Pop Up over crushed 12mm C Food Boilies various pellets and corn soaked in C Food Concentrate.

 Paul with a new PB at 46lb caught on C Food

The bag mix was C Food Multimix mixed with Mini Combo and it was given a glaze of C Food Concentrate and oil a week in advance.

It was the 3rd day where the bulk of the damage was done, I started the day with a double take! That was the 38lb 14oz mirror and 28lb common, I recast one of the rods, while I was doing the 2nd rod the recast was off resulting in the big 46lb mirror!

I then recast the other rod and while we were about to do the pics of the big girl the next recast was off with another big mirror at 39lb 4oz which hadn’t been out for around a year.

Thanks to all at hinders for supplying me with the bait to have the session of my dreams.