June 29, 2021 1 min read

Having suffered my first blank of the season I was keen to get back on the Avon the following day. I headed to an area that had already produced a fish for me but another member was fishing there so decided to fish a club stretch I'd been trickling a few baits into.
I swung my rig out about 11am which was a Mini C Food Dumbell attached to a pva bag of medium/small glugged up Elips Pellets. 2 hours later and no signs I decided to dropper a pint of hemp and a handful of small elips pellets in and have a walkI returned an hour later and tied a brand new rig up with a size 12 korda curve to 15 lb atomic jellywire with the last inch stripped back.
It's never worth the risk on the Avon where you are literally hoping for 1 bite a day.
A 3oz inline flat pear completed the set up with 4 inch hooklength. Rig on the spot at 3pm, back lead dropped in the edge and tip ring burried in the gravel, let's hope the hemp has done it's trick.
John with a 13lb 3oz Avon Barbel
The alarm sounded an hour later as the pin began to spin and an angry barbel headed down to Christchurch in its bid for freedom. My rig and tackle was no test for her and held firm and 5 minutes later a season best of 13lb 3oz lay on the mat, with digested hemp spilling from her.
The good season continues.