February 06, 2019 1 min read

Great start to February fished Brownings Coventry Canal bloodworm and joker teams of four league. I filled in for my old team mates Matrix Trentman and was handed A5.

After breaking the ice I fished Polly Punch Crumb and Supercharged Natural Black Groundbait mixed with soil and joker on two lines court skimmers and roach off both lines for a match win with 12:14:0.


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Hinders Chinese Hemp
Barry McGhee (Witham)
Hemp bait

It split far better and quicker than any other hemp l,ve used pretty good product

Hinders Chinese Hemp
John Lazenby (Fleetwood)
Nature's gift.

Good quality seeds, easy site navigation, speedy delivery. Happy day's

C Food Micros 800g
Ian Peel (St Albans)
best micros

Very pleased.. draws fish in and creates much interest and fish feeding in competition.

Try something diffent. You will not be disappointed

Hinders Barbel Bomb Chunks
Paul Muddell (Haywards Heath)
My go to bait for barbel

Avoids the nuisance fish and catches the majority of my Barbel.

Hinders Barbel Bomb Feeder Mix
Lynne Harries (Newport)
Great service

Easy to order online. Delivered on time. Great prices. What more do you want ?