February 07, 2019 1 min read

After battling the traffic on the way to the awesome Acorn Fishery to meet Bart for an overnighter in between work last night, I finally arrived 2 hours later than expected. After a quick chat with Bart I soon had the rods out for 7:30pm. The lakes been doing fish on maggots so that was the chosen bait but I wanted to pimp mine up a bit. So I decided to crush a kilo of Mystic Plum Boilies with the maggots and then mix a good helping of Fish Pro Liquid to give it some added attraction. Hookbaits were mystic plum wafters with some maggots tied onto the hair.

Before casting out hooked a bag of Mini Pellet Combo on. During the night the winds were savage and hardly slept as thought the shed I was staying in was going to blow away!! But at 6:30am I had a steady take on the left hander resulting in this lovely chunky twenty! Packed up everything and made it to work for 8am. Good times . Deano