April 02, 2018 2 min read

March has been a bit of a tough one this year for one reason or another, only the one trip to see out the end of the season which resulted in some decent sized Chub, the biggest I’ve had from that particular river so not all bad. That “Big Cheeze” range does seem to find those better fish!

Harry Pardoe with a Winter Chub

With the rivers closed, I have decided to mostly target the Carp this spring with a local club water being the main target. Unfortunately, I can only squeeze quick overnight sessions in at the moment being off the water for 5.30 am to get to work, the first two visits had been fruitless but an earlier arrival on my third trip meant I could be a bit more social and find out some info from the locals and bailiff.

This didn’t fill me with confidence as I found out that the last Carp to be caught was back in December apparently...oh well they have to start feeding soon right!!?? Well the night passed without a sign and I was up for 4.30am  to have a coffee before the off when my middle rod pulled up tight...fish on but only for disaster to strike! HOOK PULL! As I wrapped the rod back up to the spot the right-hand rod pulled tight only for the same thing to happen. To say I was gutted would be an understatement and couldn’t quite believe what had happened, I quickly got both rods back out as there was only half an hour left before I had to be off but felt the chance must have been gone however 5 minutes to go and the right-hand rod was away again and this time it was third time lucky!! Not a huge fish but one that was more than welcome!! Bites came to Tutti’s and Fruit Salad Hookbaits with three spombs of Elips Pellet, Tutti’s, corn and maggot over each rod. Fingers crossed that’s then on the feed a bit more now!