November 29, 2023 1 min read

In a departure from my usual routine, this year, I dared to face the chill and venture into the winter months with a singular goal in mind – a mega mid-50lb common. Armed with a ticket opening the gates to this endeavour from the beginning of November, I seized every opportunity, braving the cold for a chance at a unique triumph.

Charlie with a Winter 30lb Carp caught on Nut 365

This week, with the luxury of a Friday off, I descended upon the lake late Thursday, and by the waning hours of Friday afternoon, I cradled my first conquest in the net. Meet "Bruiser," a robust 30lb 14oz testament to the success that can be found in the colder embrace of the season. As if scripted by fate, just an hour later, another rod danced to the tune of success, bringing forth "Wood Grain" at an impressive 34lb 2oz. The winter ticket, initiated with these triumphant catches, has exceeded expectations, and considering my initial aim was just one winter fish, I'm pulsating with excitement.

Charlie with a Carp caught on Nut 365

The secret to this success? A meticulously crafted blend of Hemp and Mini Maize prepared particle, complemented by the irresistible allure of Nut 365, all orchestrated with the finesse of spinner rigs. As the frost settles and the air bites, it seems the colder months hold not only a challenge but also the promise of unforgettable victories. The pursuit of the winter giant has just begun, and I'm reveling in the sweet taste of accomplishment.