August 07, 2020 2 min read

Recently once again I have been on limited time fishing just 2 single overnighters at my syndicate. With limited time I knew I had to put in maximum effort and make every second count. I prepared everything before I went, rigs were tied prior to the trip and I had decided to travel light and move onto anything I should be lucky enough to see. 

After turning up late on Monday night after work and pulling into an empty car park I knew instantly being the only angler on the lake I had a massive advantage. After a lap of the lake it soon became apparent that a large bulk of the fish were held up in the confines of the thickest weed on the lake. The weed acted as a fortress to the carp who knew they were safe.


My plan of action for the night was to set up in a swim closest to the thick weed beds and set traps  to intercept the fish as they vacated their sanctuary from within the weed. Soon I had 3 rods fishing all at short range. Firm drops on all three rods followed by a good few kilo of a mix that consisted of C-Food, plum boilie, tigers and hemp. 

As the light began to fade the lake began coming alive. Fish were seen rolling over at the back of the middle rod and I felt a take could happen at any second. By ten thirty pm finally the middle rod signalled a steady take. I was on the rod in a flash and after a spirited fight I peered into the net at a stunning mirror. That night I hardly got a wink of sleep as I kept active with the bait and managed 5 takes, landing 4 with the biggest going 34lb. 

At first light, feeling drained with a coffee in hand I scanned the water and noticed a few subtle shows on the far side of the lake. This would involve a walk of around half a mile. Not going to lie I did think twice about the move for the remaining few hours of my trip. I decided to stop being lazy and take the gamble. I was packed away by 6am and headed for the far bank hoping I would be rewarded for my early morning move. I arrived sweating from the long push, but soon found some fizzing within 10 foot of the bank.


I lowered in a tiger hookbait with a small mesh bag of 50/50 Gemz. With the rod resting on the floor I sat back on the grass and watched as the fizzers returned right over the placed rig. The line flickered a few times and that got the heart going. After around 5 minutes the line whipped up and the rod slid across the front of the swim. A beautiful mid twenty mirror being the culprit. After the mirror I decided to pack away and head home as I had work that night but happy after another great session.

Bag a biggun