December 04, 2012 1 min read

The week was very hard going with cold winds, 5 days of solid rain, sleet and snow showers and the lakes fished hard. I pitched up in the sunset swim and put a plan together. I pre-soaked my aqua dynamix The Edge boilie in a number of Hinders liquid products, mainly the awesome Fish Pro, Tiger Slime, Hemp Oil and 15g of green lipped muscle extract powder mixed with lake water in 5kg batches. This was left to soak for 24 hours before use each day.

These baits were then spomb'd out to silt pockets at various distances.In total I racked up 27 fish landed, and 7 lost in the weed that caused a major problem 20 yards out when trying to bring the fish over it. One spot that was bang on in the middle of the weed bed produced 4 mid 40s one after another along with 2, 30s, an upper 20 and 4 lost fish in 24hours!!!!!

I ended up with 6 mid 40s to 45lb 10oz, 9 30s, most of which were 35+, 2 doubles and the rest were 20+, most between 25-28lb. A truly fantastic week all down to keeping the bait going into the same spots consistently when everyone else was fishing for one bite at a time.

Phil Holmes