July 18, 2018 1 min read

Hinders Floating Pellets …

As a lover of surface fishing with all this hot weather we’ve been having I’ve been in my element, and I’ve just had to re-order some more sacks of the floating Trout pellets.

Most of the time we talk about fishing with mixers, because years ago that was what most of us turned to if we wanted to fish small floating baits, but in reality, it’s been several years since I’ve actually fished a mixer simply because there are much better alternatives and in my opinion one of the best is the Hinders Floating Trout Pellet.

Floater Fishing Carp Brian Skoyles

They do everything I want in a pellet. Very buoyant so they support the hook well. Good soak rate so they don’t break up too quickly. Two sizes so I can feed small to get the fish feeding confidently then gradually switch to the larger ones. They can be glugged easily for added attraction and most importantly the fish love them.

They store really well so I’m happy buying the larger sacks so I’m never short, as believe me I get through a lot!

If you are into your surface fishing and want the perfect floating pellet, look no further.

Brian Skoyles (July 18)