Hunts Corner

October 19, 2010 2 min read

I arrived at Hunts Corner late in the morning due to a delayed start to my trip. What I found was every swim taken except one the only one with every single fish in front of it! I couldnt believe my luck. As soon as I stepped in the swim a little Mirror boshed about 10 yards in front of me! Of course choddys were flicked out to that spot and a sprinkling of Richworth XLR8 boillies around them; it didn't take long, 10mins at the most! My left hand rod whipped round and I was into my first carp, sadly though it managed to dump the hook. Rod re cast (this time on my usual coated braid rig, as a nice thumb told me it was a clear area) and some more bait out onto the spot, along with a few spod fulls of Salamiz Hemp to keep them on the spot.

I got the camp sorted for the 24 hours ahead and about an hour after setting up, the same rod let out a few bleeps and ripped off again, again losing that fish. A change was needed, so the hook length was changed from 8 inches to 6 inches, also I went up in size of hook from a 10 to and 8 in aneffort to improve the hook hold.

Most of the day passed and it wasnt till early in the evening, after topping up the swim with a mix of Salamiz Hemp and Richworth XLR8, I received a few bleeps of the Delkim, the bobbin rose slowly. I lifted into it and sure enough a carp was attached, playing it like a real girl so worried I would lose another carp! After a slow 15min battle I eventually landed the 12lb 8oz mirror.

The night past with no more fish just another lost carp in the early hours of the morning, this was more because of me being slow getting to the rod and the fish finding its way into a nice thick weed bed.

The day went by, keeping the bait going in little and often, keeping things fresh on the rig side of things. I was eventually rewarded with a little low double Mirror taken this time off a chod rig flicked down the side into the far margin. Sadly though no photographs could be done, due to me leaving my camera outside during the night. Therefore no more pictures for a while, and a rather damaged wallet soon!

I continued with the re casting and baiting but the carp in Hunts move about a lot and they didnt pass my way before I had to head off. Anyway another session with no blank and 2 fish, but with 3 lost I might need to re think my approach next time.