Brasenose 1 48 Hour Trip

March 05, 2011 2 min read

8 hours on Brasenose 1 by Ben Mccullough


Solid Bags fished at range over a bed of spod mix. Simplezzzz

Solid bags consist of Richworth Swim Stem Pellets, XLR8 flavour.

Small hi viz pop up with Salamiz Flavour

On a simple braid rig with a fang twister and a small section of shrink tubing on the eye of the hook. Fished with a drop off inline lead system.

Spod mix consists of Richworth XLR8 boillies and Partiblend

Fishing at 110 yards Range


Day 2 - After 24 hours of catch up, tea drinking and generally socialising. It was time to get on with some proper fishing.

10:00 - Finished my breakfast and set about tying up some rigs and solid bags.

11:00 - Solid bags done rods clipped up and out at 110 yards, it was a case of sit back and wait.

11:30 - after re casting my mates rods, as he had a take whilst on the toilet, 2 min's later it ripped off again. I had to play it, as he still wasnt back! I eventually landed a lovely 17 lb 8 oz mirror. Now with no one able to fully claim it. As I had cast the rod, baited the rig and landed the fish. So I got to hold it up for the camera.

1:00- after re casting every hour and with the fishing very slow, I got the spod rod out and put a bit of bait out.

3:00 - 2 hours after the first spod hit the water Im finally into another fish, after a slow fight, a nice little 15lber was in the net. This time definately mine!

 8:00 - Just as the sun disappeared behind the trees, I had a funny little take on my middle rod, bobbing around a bit then ripping off. Resulting in a lovely little low double.

All through the night - I continued spodding in the rain and with the bites finally increasing, coming at a steady rate. Sadly though I failed to land any of them! Due to either the lack of sleep or the rain I dont know, but I obviously bullied them in a bit to hard and pulled out of each and every one of them. 5 in total. So at 3 in the morning with no sleep and 5 lost fish. I decided to get some sleep; in preparation for the football game I was supposed to play that afternoon!(Needless to say I played horribly)