New PB from Pavyotts Mill

May 04, 2011 2 min read

New PB (Twice) from Pavyotts Mill

I caught the same fish twice which the owners and myself could not quite believe. First time was Tuesday around 5:15pm. It was caught fishing over a gravel spot about 2/3foot off an island where the wind had been blowing hard against it for 3 days, so dragged the marker along the face of the island finding the gravel spot. I cast to it with a blow back rig about 5inches long with silicone tubing instead of a rig ring, using a Size 6 Fox Arma Point SSBP with knotless knot with a bit of shrink tube to aid the turning of the hook tied using ESP Sink Link and a small shot half way down the rig to sink the rig, a shot to balance the bait.

Bait was a triple artificial corn glugged in Betalin for around 3 months, popped up about an inch with a small bag of Little Gemz. I have had great success since using these resulting in a 35lb Mirror a new pb by 10lb.

The second time was Thursday around 6:30pm. This was caught fishing tight to a point just entering a channel that ran to the other side of the lake. The rig was made using a new hook length material to me (Atomic Stiffun). This rig was a pop up rig also using triple artificial corn glugged in Betalin with a small bag of Little Gemz. This rig was slightly different as was the coated braid. I had stripped a couple of inches tying on a Fox Arma Point SSBP Size 8 with the knotless knot. The rig was still blow back style with silicone tube but without the shrink tube to turn the hook. The coated section was steamed to create a stiff boom, where I added a sinker to sit it on the deck. I then placed a shot on the uncoated braid to keep flexibility at the hook end and to pop corn an inch off the bottom so it hovered over the bag of Little Gemz.

This resulted in catching the same fish again, 35lb mirror her name was Kerrie she was last caught on the 9/9/10.

Russell Bedford