First Night Fishing at Flaxlands Fishery

May 12, 2011 3 min read

Over the last couple of seasons I've been very keen to do a night session down Flaxlands, and when Ruth & Gordon mentioned that they where going to start night fishing down the lakes I was quick off the mark to get booked in. Overall they had just over 20 anglers booked in for the first ever night session and in the spirit of keeping everything fair we had to draw names out of a tub.

Just before the draw I turned to my mate who said "the worst thing that could happen is for us to come out the draw first", low and behold we did! Despite whisperings of a fixed draw I can assure everyone it was pure chance and actually proved quite beneficial as this allowed us to choose pegs 15 & 16 which gave us two islands and two channels to cover, and is somewhere I've enjoyed a lot of success from in the past!!

 Over the space of the night there were around 50 carp caught just into double figures. With it being the first night I thought a few more fish would have been caught, but most of the 20 anglers managed to get at least 1 fish in the net!! Even the ones who didn't catch still had a fantastic time simply down to the fact that we couldn't have asked for a better group of people.

A BIG THANK YOU must go to Ruth and Gordon for looking after everyone and putting on some cracking food and drinks! Having spoken to most of the people down the lake they have all said the same and couldn't thank Ruth & Gordon enough for all their hard work and dedication; not just in the up keep of the lake, but in making sure any angler or person coming though the gates were always well looked after!

The most carp caught by any one angler during the night session was 16 caught by myself and Dan The Man. We ran a friendly competition for biggest fish caught and most carp caught to one angler!

The winner of biggest fish caught weighed in at 10lb 10 oz, and with me not being in the competition the prize for most carp caught went to Dan the Man! Both anglers received a 5kg bag of the new G-Force Feeder mix as their reward.

 By morning and having not had a single bit of sleep I was keen to get back home, but with my challenge in mind I decided I would move swims and try to hit my target of another 30 fish. I packed up all my kit and moved just the essentials into peg 1, which I had scouted out and seen a load of carp topping and fizzing and just knew that this swim would produce fish. It didn't take long as within about 3 minutes I was into my first carp and in just over an hour I was near my 30 fish target. However, like most anglers when the fish are playing ball, I couldn't just pack up and go home so I continued on and ended up fishing all day. I was struggling to keep my eyes open due to the zero sleep I'd had in the previous 36 hours, I was running on empty - but I still couldn't call it a day!

Some how fishing with no sleep and fishing into a head-on wind with heavy showers on and off all day I managed to bag another 85 carp putting me on a total of 101 carp in a 24 hour period! This made Flaxlands the third venue for me to take more then a 100 carp in one 24 hour period with all carp being over 4lb. I was personally delighted with the haul and the 85 carp caught during the day session is a new record for most carp caught from the top lake overall since it's been open - again this shows all the hard work I put in has really paid off!

 All carp where caught on!

G Force Feeder Mix
Little Gemz Pellets
Artificial Corn soaked in Betalin on Guru 4 inch method rigs
Fishing Preston method feeders

Night fishing is available by bookings only!! The next night session will be held on the Saturday 21st May - for further details phone Ruth on 07707 789272

Till next time.....