October 20, 2011 2 min read

After a hectic summer of work and family related commitments, I was eager to get back to fishing as the autumn period is my favourite time of the year. An overnight session on a local section of the Kennet and Avon Canal was planned for Saturday 15th October. This session would only be my eighth night on the canal all year, with little to show for my effort so far! Joining me for the night, but not fishing was my youngest niece Ellie (aged 7), who has already caught the fishing bug.

The section of canal we were to fish is known locally by only a few anglers. At 3.25 miles between locks, with a surface area of around 17 acres and an abundance of natural food present, it is by no means an easy prospect. Fish stock is unknown, but is believed to be around 50-60 fish with most of these being 20lb+ and a couple approaching the 30lb mark. Although the weather forecast was for clear skies and lows of 3c, with a near full moon, I was confident of catching. Some of my best fish from the canal have come in such conditions.

After placing my three rods onto my pre-baited spots at around 8pm. I put the kettle on and cooked some food, before retiring to the sleeping bag. At 4am my left hand rod rod signalled a huge drop back and very slack line. Upon picking up the rod and reeling in, I was convinced I had been cut off by a pike chasing fry under the rod tip. All of a sudden I caught up with the carp, and an immense battle in sued for the next 8-10 minutes, before I landed an immaculate 22lb linear.

Although it was a fish I have previously caught 4 years ago, I wasn't disappointed as it is such a good looking old warrior, and every fish is well earned. I sacked the fish until day light as it had become very foggy, and I wanted to get some good photos of the fish with both my nieces in shot too. As you can see from the photo's we were all very pleased, not least of all me!

The fish was caught on a prototype Hinders Boilie with a snowman rig, consisting of an 18mm Prototype Bottom Bait, and a 14mm Pink Fruitz Pop-Up, trimmed down to create neutral buoyancy.