September 10, 2018 1 min read

Well the first evening of my planned trip this week didn't quite go to plan. Having a son is wonderful. Having a son that brings every disease known to man back from nursery; not so much! As a result, I was rather poorly sat on the bank for my session this week and in truth, if I could have gone home I would have. I barely had the energy to get up let alone pack up and as a result, the rods would have to remain where they had been placed.
Luckily, through the night I started to feel a bit better and as I sipped life via a teacup back into my body the following morning, the world was a tad more bearable than it had been. After the mayhem of the previous night, I had told myself that staying would bring a reward and at 0730 it very well did. A beautiful 42lb 2oz Common fell to my right-hand rod. This was fished on a critically balanced bait, alongside a mesh bag of Flatz Pellet and Little Gemz. These were also incorporated into a spod mix alongside my chosen boilie; of which around 6 were deposited over the area. Back to work now for 7 days, but what a weird and wonderful 24 hours that was.