September 10, 2018 3 min read

As the nights are drawing in I found myself rushing to get to the lake after work and get the rods out before darkness fell. I had a swim in mind given the conditions of a westerly wind I knew I wouldn’t have time to walk the lake looking. Luckily as I neared the swim in mind instantly I noticed it to be vacant. I dropped my bucket in the front of the swim before rushing to the car to load the barrow. It was just getting dark as I finished the rods. The rods all being fished at range. Hookbaits was the ever faithful Betalin and Plum Soaked Tigers fished blowback style with a small PVA bag of summer bag mix. Each rod has a liberal scattering of around a kilo of a mixture that has been serving me extremely well. The mixture consisted of hemp, tiger, Mystic Plum Boilies in both 12mm and 15mm, Hinders Little Gemz and Elips in an assortment of sizes was also added.

Before long after a long week at work, I soon found myself drifting off. Around 12:30 am I was dragged from my bed by the Delkim screeching at an alarming rate. The take was ferocious that was sure I felt in a mad panic trying to locate my shoes before heading out to the alarming rod. After slowing the fish up the rest of the fight was pretty uneventful and soon I was staring at a low twenty common in the net. I decided that I was way too tired to warrant a self-take so unhooked the fish in the net and slipped it back without stressing the fish up. I felt drained and with man flu all week I decided to put the rod on the rest and get straight to bed. Setting my alarm for first light to get the rod back in position.

I needn’t had bothered setting an alarm as at 5:30 am the middle rod was calling for my much-needed attention. Instantly I knew this was a better fish and after a very impressive tussle an upper 20 dark mirror stared back up at me looking rather unimpressed. Up on the scales, the stunning mirror went a shade over 28lb. The colours the fish was donning was simply amazing. Well worth the wake-up call. After all the disturbances of getting the rods back out with more bait over the top I wasn’t surprised that the rest of the morning drifted by uneventfully.

By 2pm I decided to try to catch up on some sleep as I really wasn’t feeling well at all. Just as I was drifting of the middle rod began tearing off I clambered down the steep bang to grab the alarming rod that was now bent at full test curve in the rests. Instantly I was forced to give the fish around 40 yards of line as the fish powered off at range. Once again I simply knew this was a good fish and prayed it would stay on. As the fish slowed I could feel the fish going through weed. The fish was now at around 170 yards out and wouldn’t budge from the sanctuary of the weed bed for over 45 mins.

Eventually, after trying all the usual techniques I decided to give it the butt of the rod and leant into the rod. Suddenly I felt a tiny bit of movement followed by a head shake. I began walking back with the rod as high as possible. All the way in I could feel I was connected to a decent fish. As it needed the margin its head broke the surface making me realise I was connected to a very decent fish. After a few more heart stopping moments I finally lifted the net around a long wide mirror with scattered scales along the lateral line. I was made up and breathed a sigh of relief after an epic fight. I called up Harry a local lad to come and take some pics. Luckily he was free and after ten minutes he was in the swim. The fish registered 33lb 14oz. The fish being extremely spawned out had the frame of a much bigger fish that’s for sure.

The following morning as I was packing away I finished the trip with a nice chunky mirror around the 23/25lb mark. I left the lake with a large grin on my face knowing I have had a truly special session.

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