September 05, 2018 1 min read

I started my session on a Shropshire day ticket water with conditions looking perfect, mid-session the conditions turned against me with a new wind hacking up the other end of the lake and the fish had visibly followed as the action had dried up unlike the weather...the wind and rain kept on getting stronger and stronger.

I woke up on the next to last morning of my session to find the wind had switched overnight and was now blowing hard down towards me...I stood and watched the water for over an hour in the wind and rain, fish after fish rolling over my baited session ended up being one to remember. All fish caught on Hinders Fruit Salad Wafters over Hemp, Little Gemz and Elips Pellets with corn.  

In total, I had 2 doubles, 7 x 20s to 25lb10oz Common and 3 x 30s, 30lb 1oz Common and 32lb 5oz and the best at 39lb 5oz. So all in all a great session.