August 05, 2019 1 min read

Neil has been a long time user of our baits and is now  fishing a local lake here in Italy which has a nice range of common and mirror’s . They are loving the Mystic Plum Stabilised Boilies. Since I started my season I have stuck to the one bait as I knew it would be successful. I haven’t blanked yet . I’ve had 12 fish in total over all the sessions and could have had another 5 but unfortunately lost them fishing in the snags. I have taken a couple of pictures but normally if it’s in the low doubles I just release the fish stress free.




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Natural mixes

A very versatile mix for Canals,Rivers and lakes

It Catches Carp!

Great product, does exactly what it says it does.
Great packaging, clear labelling & instructions, with good web advice.
Only small niggle that the Drilled pellets and smaller packs aren’t in resealable bags- something to look at to keep bait fresher for longer!

Xo carp wafters

Great hook bait. Caught a 24lb and a 21lb common first time out!

French mix

LOOKS good but not used yet


Great quality liked the touch of prep instruction on packaging