February 18, 2019 1 min read

Fancied a change of scenery this weekend, as my syndicate lake is predominately around 20ft deep I felt a shallower venue would respond better to these warmer conditions so I booked myself on East Delph Lakes. 
After a quiet night I managed this nice upper double at first light this morning, a Fruit Salad Pop Up in a solid bag of Mini Combo with a few whole and chopped 12mm Mystic Plum and corn over the top did the business. Still time for another before I pack up so fingers crossed!



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Haven’t used the baits yet will write a review when used


Very happy with these super size tigers. Many are small but I like all the different shapes and sizes

Elips oil

Hinders Elips and Elips oil are the best I've used. I think the oil gives you an extra edge.

Carp crunch

Best particle mix about

Great stuff

Just as good as the original