Nut 365 Success

February 14, 2017 1 min read

I got to the lake around 14:15pm after a mornings work, just as it started snowing, I noticed that the swim I had been pre baiting for a few weeks was free. I quickly got my gear from my van and topped up the spot. I had been pre baiting with my usual mix of Hemp, Tigers and Nut 365 in 14mm.  I didn't need to cast the rods in to the swim to get my range as I'd done that on my last session, so I got my other rod clipped to the same range.

I got both rods on the spot after a couple of cast and sat back and waited. Time soon ticked away and as the snow started to fall again at around 23:15pm the left hand rod was away, this resulted in a 20lb 8oz Common Carp. The next 28 hours was fruitless and I thought my chance of another fish had past, so I decided to make a bit of breakfast before I started to pack up! But then again at 9:55am the right hand rod stormed in to action, after one hell of a fight there was a stunning 21lb mirror in the net.

Both fish where caught using a snow man rig using with the new Nut 365 fished with a tiny pva mesh bag of Hinders Hemp & Tiger Nuts.