May 27, 2017 2 min read

I have been suffering from a bad illness since Easter which has really limited my angling opportunities, which at this time of year is far from ideal!

As I can't venture too far from home,  I've had a couple of recent successful trips to a new venue only a couple of miles from my house. I booked in a 24hr session with a friend for a little social this weekend gone, and with a lot of lakes starting to spawn prayed they'd hold off for a bit longer!

We got to the lake which is approximately 4 acres in size and there was a big sw wind smashing into one end. I opted to fish the centre area as the pegs on the end of the wind were taken and with there being 6 pegs on 4 acres meant there was plenty of room.

I was in no rush to get started as I didn't want to find a spot and bait up until I'd seen anything to go on so I opted for my usual go to approach which is 3 solid bags for the first couple of hours of the session.

The fish then started showing out towards the centre and slightly to my left at about 80 yards so I recast a rod in the area and just before dark a blistering run resulted in a lovely clean mirror weighing 24.4. Good start! I recast the rod to the same area and before I'd got the bobbin back on it was off again! Unfortunately after about 3 mins into the fight the hook pulled, gutted! So I recast the left rod with another bag in the area and put the middle rod about a rod length away.

After an uneventful night I was rudely woken up at 4:45am by the alarm clock! I then put the kettle on and before it had finished boiling the left rod was away again! This resulted in a long lean 20.08 mirror, just as I'd safely netted it and was sorting the camera the middle rod then roared off!

Another mental fight commenced and 10-15 mins later a lovely 22.04 mirror was safely in the net. There was one more to come around 11am when I was starting to pack up. The left hand rod again was the one and a lovely 17.10 mirror was in the bag!

The lads fishing over beds of bait struggled to catch, it shows that a quality bait in the correct location is arguably the most important aspect of angling.

All my fish were caught on spinner rigs in solid bags comprising of size 6 jprecision curves, 4 inches of dark matter braid, a 4oz inline and about 4-5ft of fox transkhaki flurocarbon 30lb leader.

The bag mix comprised of mainly Little Gemz Pellets, micro-pellets with a few crushed/whole 10mm Nut 365 which had been soaked for a month in a couple of CC Moore liquids with a trimmed down Nut 365 pop up which I plug with foam and soaked in the Betalin.

Hopefully my health can improve asap and I can get back on my syndicate asap and bag one of its gems!