April 01, 2020 1 min read

I’ve have used Punch crumb for more years than I would like to mention and my Polly’s Punch crumb by far the best.

When developing this with Hinders it was a joy to have a mix that didn’t clog. The most important part in the punch crumb is having a 50/50 mix of course and fine crumb making the mixing easy and less waste. I would like to tell you add a certain amount of water mix and it’s ready but no. Simply add water to the punch crumb carefully mixing quick with your hands until damp to the feel, then leave to stand for 10 minutes. This allows the punch crumb to absorb the water. Then run your hands through it to loosen it up and run through a riddle. I will riddle it through a maggot riddle for river work drain work where double figure nets are common. But for harder matches on canals and lower weight venues you can run through a fine riddle. The mix can be pushed through giving a finer feed.

Once you have riddled this mix you can add more water if required and it doesn’t clog. I find a great tip to get the Polly’s punch crumb down in flowing water is to add white gravel giving it weight to take it straight to the bottom. I hope this helps you bread punch fanatics!

Mark Pollard