March 26, 2020 1 min read

I get many private messages asking many questions but I get a lot of people asking what mixes and where do I use them so with some spare time on my hands I would like to share my opinions of what I have been using and what venues.

First up a favourite of mine and one of the first mixes I developed when joining Hinders knowing it would cover many situations that I come across - yes the Supercharged Natural Black. This mix is at its best on natural venues and a favourite with the Irish festivals . The mix has a lot of hemp cake in it making it irresistible to Roach, Skimmers, Hybrids and off course Bream along with a few other special ingredients.

I personally add to the mix through the summer months one third brown crumb giving the mix a bigger food content. This is best mixed together dry then water added and riddled although it’s ok to use a drill. Then all you need to add to this is casters or maggots and pinkies. Worms can be added if needed. This mix can be used on pole running line and through the feeder but make it a little dryer. 

Take care everyone

Mark 'Polly' Pollard