October 28, 2013 1 min read

I returned to my Southern Syndicate lake for a weekend session and as always it was rammed but I slotted in hoping for the best. I decided to bait heavy as the weather was prime for a big Autumn feed and my swim was on the teeth of the strengthening wind. I baited with around 5kg of chopped and whole Carp Company Caviar and Cranberry boiles alongside 5kg of Hinders Hemp and Little Gemz Pellets. I chose to fish with snowman hookbaits comprising of a 18mm Caviar and Cranberry bottom bait and a 12mm white Chewy Special and to boost attraction further I dipped the hookbait in Hinders Fish Pro liquid before giving it a good dusting in the Carp Company L Zero 30 powder.

I used around 8" of 25lb Sink Skin and a size 6 Covert Incizor that was coupled with a long shrink tube kicker and the finished rig was attached to a long length of Plummet leadcore to help keep everything pinned down. The plan worked and after a tough weekend I managed to land two carp the first being a nice mirror of 30.03lb and the second one of the lake's characters known as "The Fungus Mirror" at 18lb."