January 31, 2019 1 min read

The only thing in my house that loves fishing more than me is my dog.  So with very low air pressure around, bright sun on the water all day I decide to go and fish late afternoon into the evening at the infamous Throop Fisheries at the very under fished River Stour beat 1 on the R.D.A.A ticket that has a public footpath for ramblers and dog walkers, hence I took him along.
Taking the Dog Fishing
Once I decided on my swim I bait dropped a few likely looking spots with garlic, hemp, Small Elips Pellet, Crushed Big Cheeze Dumbells all soaked with big glug of Hinders Fish Pro. Got the rest of my gear set up and went of for a walk down river to let the fish feed and find and study a few more swims for the future. 
The longer you leave the pre baiting the better as far as I'm concerned. So I left  if just over an hour before sticking the rods just before the sun went down with Big Cheeze Hook Baits wrapped in the same paste and a pva bag of the same goodies on a bolt rig as was fishing well into dark. 
Paul with a Throop Chub
Proving pre baiting is worth while within 10 mins my rod down stream was into my 1st chub much to my delight. And with a further 3 fish caught in the dark, losing another made it a a great little session and one happy fished out dog. 
Here is a selection of the fish. 



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I am not one to regularly leave feedback unless I see something as exceptional. I used this for the first time when on a commercial fishery. I had been struggling all day to get a bite. I pulled this from the bait bucket and it was like turning on a switch. The carp were lining up. It converted me in one session and I'll be back for more.

Split bag

As with other customers order turned with split bag ended up over floor wife not happy but that’s nothing new😂 but you need stronger bags bait is very good 👍

Great bait

Great service and top quality bait would definitely recommend

The beta nana dumbells are really good and so attractive with its smell and how it sits in the bottom of the lake bed it’s just waiting to be picked up instantly. I would recommend this bait to more people to get bites in the winter 👍

This stuff is crack for fish

What can I say. Fish love this stuff