February 03, 2019 1 min read

A carp in the snow is something special. With -2 overnight, half the lake was frozen by the time I awoke before first light and it looked like 24 hours of people calling me mad and delusional was going to be proved correct. The lake was busy however, Whelford being the only piece of fishable water for miles, which is testament to the calibre of the fishery and its staff.
Throughout the day the sun managed to thaw some of the ice and actually got a few moving around. I had to wait for a swim to be vacated, but 30 minutes after moving, a bag of Gemz 50/50 maggot and a wafter topped with maggot managed to prompt the only fish the lake gave away during my stay there. A pristine upper double mirror contrasted beautifully against the snow and it was a nice moment that flicked the V's to mother nature and all those who said I was mad! A great big smile illustrates just how raving mad happy I was. 
Happy days indeed!