March 11, 2019 2 min read

I couldn't wait for Saturday to come, the last couple of times I've been to the lake I have found fish in the snags but struggled to get a bite. This week I decided to go back to my approach that had caught me plenty before.
I arrived at the lake which is a day lake only, which suits me. I had 5 hours here today so as I love my stalking I spent 3 hours going around getting into every snag I could. I found fish in a few places but they seemed to be just laying up sulking. I finally found a couple of fish that were willing to move so I flicked out a few flatz, 7 to be precise and 1 of the fish took 1 a perfect sign that I might be able to steal a bite. I set the rod up up with a 2oz inline lead on an ESP leadcore leader, with a 6" anchor braid hooklink and a size 6 curve shank hook (ESP cryogen) and an ESP line aligner. The hook bait was a Cherry Bon Bon Wafter with a small mesh bag of Mini Combo.  This was placed close to the snag and only 2 feet from the bank. 20 minutes later and it was away, trying to get into the snags, so after a dogged fight into the net slipped a lovely 20lb common, the first fish of the year, I was chuffed to bits!
I re-baited and put it back out in the same place and after 40 minutes it was off again, this time it was a right crazy carp that just wanted to do me in the snags, each time I guided it out it took line and tried to get back in again. After a 15 minute fight it went into the net, and  weighed in at 17lb, it took a while to get the pics done as it was still having none of it even though it was full of leeches. Unfortunately it was time for me to get off, not happy so I planned to get back again in the morning for a few hours.
When I arrived there was 2 people fishing from the opposite bank to where I was yesterday so I was not able to fish the same place as planned. There was a little bay I'd seen the day before that was gin clear, I found a cloudy area next to 1 of my spots. I placed a Tutti Wafter and a small bag of Mini Combo tight in and whilst I was setting up my 2nd rod with the Cherry Bon Bon Wafter the other rod went off, I had a lovely battle with the 22.10lb common.
That was it, no more action after that, but I'm looking forward to my next visit.