September 17, 2017 1 min read

The last two weeks have seen me have a couple of tough sessions. I've had to work hard at working out what the fish wanted and location was paramount. I have received some payback for my labours, in the shape of a single fish on each occasion, however I am sure I should have picked more fish up, certainly on the first of those trips anyway.
The fishing has been sporadic at the pit and having only done 11 nights on the lake, my 7 fish return is about average in my book. The fish seem to be shying away from the clearer spots within the weed some weeks, then other days anglers will have multiple hits from spots that simply weren't doing fish only a few days before. Bait though has stayed consistent, however I've now dropped the oils from my mix and will be sticking with the Fish Pro to enhance my usual boilie and pellet combination through the colder temperatures. Although the water hasn't cooled too much yet, I have noticed the fish shying away from any bait that is overly powerful and feeding on more subtle flavoured baits. 
On my next visit to the shop I'll also be stocking up on the ever faithful Little Gemz. I've had some great results through the summer on the Elips Pellets, but again through the colder months you can't beat the Gemz in my eyes. As you can see I've tweaked my approach slightly, and hopefully it will pay dividends over my next few sessions. I'll keep you posted of course.