January 27, 2019 2 min read

Carpvale today for the winter league. Was running late so only 3 pegs left in the bag at the draw, peg 27 and 53 on match lake and flyer peg 68 on front. Goes without saying I've picked out 68, to make it even better I'd been the previous day for a practice on the same peg. 

Decided to keep it simple and have a day on the rods. Planned to fish  bomb and corn up to the island, a small matrix alloy open method up to the aerator (most productive line while practicing) also set a waggler rod to fish shallow next to the island. Not been great at the start, taken an hour and a half of casting the bomb and corn around the island before I've had my first and only carp there. 

Tom Bait

Others on the lake were catching the odd carp over feed, time try the method.  Over the next hour or so I managed to put 4 carp and 2 skimmers in the net. After this little flurry of fish the peg just completely died. Couldn't get any signs anywhere on the tip, even set the pole up out of desperation! Anglers on the far bank had managed to snare a few down the margins, I have not had any signs though.  

Carpvale Carp

Going in to the last half hour I was probably 2nd on the lake, needed a couple more carp but was running out of ideas. Previous day I never had a bite on the waggler but decided to give it a try. First cast to the aerator where I'd been pinging the odd 6mm hinders pellets and it's gone under! I managed 3 carp on this before the end of the match. Ended up with 44lb which won the section/lake  and has put me 2nd overall . 50lb has won the match, really should have tried the waggler sooner .  Nice to get a few bites on the method,  lost a bit of confidence on it recently hence the practice day. Feed in the method was Hinders Micros mixed with Pollys Method Mix and a secret bait.