January 22, 2018 2 min read

Our Czech Distributor Marty has been in contact to let us know of his most recent trip which he recounts in his own words:

Even I did not stand the winter lounging and I took advantage of this early spring weather and set off for a few moments to the water. I chose my favorite district with a good fish stock where they were, according to my information in the last days the fish are active enough.
I chose a place in the middle, which is muddy enough, but something deeper than the surrounding. bait and bait I had a clear choice. Nutz 365 Pop Up at the end of last year brought some interesting catches and a lot of fun around.
Because the water is really cold, I decided to fish with a very small feed. I bet on my favorite Nutz Sludge, which I use as a basic feed for my hunts. I originally wanted to use it classically and feed it with a rocket. But in the end I decided to make a different choice. Nutz Sludge I always water with hot water, I have come to the conclusion that if I have time, it is simply better to prepare it home day by day. Because I wanted to use only a very small amount of bait, I was not sure about the water ratio.
I put the removed quantity in the prepared container and covered with water, covered the lid and left to stand. But what was my surprise when I removed my cap. The whole blend was beautifully soft and held tight. It would never have occurred to me to use it, because I always prepared it as a thick slurry. That's why I changed the whole strategy at the last minute. I use a helicopter kit with my muddy motif in this area, I have been ready for now, but instead of classical lead, I have put Paste Bomb, which is actually a kind of feeder, in general speaking. The mixture was well suited to it, and I effectively eliminated the use of PVA that could cause problems in so cold water.
I added some Little Gemz Pellets, a few handfuls of Sweet Almond Boilies and a small amount of Chilli Hemp Oil that I love and use throughout the year.
This year's first walk is behind me, and I've also opened a new season account. And I can not wait for the upcoming expeditions.



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Fishing bait for carp

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