May 12, 2018 2 min read

After three 'blank' day trips to Horseshoe and the ominous forecast of a scorcher I got up early and headed off to Lechlade, especially after my brother had managed two Mirrors the day before including a new personal best for him at 26lb 8oz. The lake was really busy and with Summer Bay full I headed off to look down the roadbank which was equally as busy so after a short walk I settled on a swim on the Witney bank. I could see a few fish boshing further up the bank but again these swims were taken so I set up a few swims away from them in the same swim my brother had fished the day before.

At 6am the sun was already hot and the surface of the water was covered in the carcases of a recent fly hatch. I had a few casts around with a lead and found a hard gravel patch under an overhanging tree so a solid PVA bag was cast in the hope of picking a fish up from the margins. But, I couldn't ignore the fly hatch so after a cast around with the marker I set a zig a foot below the surface with trimmed down zig foam to look ragged like a fly and dipped it in the awesome Betalin and Black

Mark Wells Common Carp

After three hours nothing had occurred but the wind had picked up a bit and was blowing into the corner and I had seen signs that the fish were moving in as a couple of swirls were seen to my left. The zig was retrieved and cast towards the swirls and within ten minutes, the rod was away and after a spirited but very nervous fight my first Horseshoe carp, a 23lb 2oz Chestnut Mirror was nestled in the net. After a quick photo the rig was recast and within five minutes it was away again resulting in an 18lb 13oz Mirror. I retrieved the PVA bag rig and switched it over to a zig as well but it was over an hour before I had another Mirror at 24lb 6oz.

Mark Wells Mirror Carp

With the onset of midday it was roasting and I almost called it a day but the stubborn angler in me came to the front and I kept having just one more cast until at 2.30pm the rod tore off again and a bow wave across the surface revealed an angry little carp trying to escape. As I started to gain line the other rod screamed away as well - double hook up - where was my brother when I needed his help..! After a hectic 5 minutes two double figure carp nestled in my nets - 16lb 10oz and 12lb 2oz Mirrors. The rigs were dipped in the Betalin and Black again and recast for the definite last cast and as 3 o'clock approached I started to pack all my kit away. After a stuttering take and an initial run that stripped yards of line from the reel I caught the last fish of the day a chunky 21lb 12oz Common - a perfect end to the day - 3 doubles and 3 twenties. 


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New PB

Used this in my spod mix got me a PB need I say more!!

Hinders Barbel Blitz Elips Pellets
Graham Drury (Belfast)
Popped my Barbel cherry.

After 3 previous trips in the Summer to the Wye using other baits I was still in search of my first proper Barbel. The 4th trip was much better conditions with the river dropping after a flood, but using double Elips Pellets I caught 7 Babel between 5 and 9lb. Very happy and still have some pellets eft for next time.

Hinders Crushed Tiger Nuts
kev Beattie (Wirral)
Tigernut particles

Great product. Bought a 5kg bag and took it to France (Cretelakes) and caught my new PB ... a 57lb hippo. Mixed it with Cell and caught 8 fish over the week.

Hinders Chinese Hemp
Chris Cousins (Wisbech)
Best hemp

Recieved my hemp with plenty of information on delivery, the best hemp in the UK without a doubt overnight soak 10 minute boil and at least 70 % split rate lovely oily hemp a superb product. Thanks .

Tutti Frutti 12mm Frozen 5kg Bait Bundle
Roger Crossfield (Norwich)
Usual prompt delivery and good quality from hinders

Consistent winter bait often produces when all else fails.