May 11, 2018 1 min read

With the long awaited arrival of some warm weather, the Carp in the local club lake finally started to move about and have a feed. With 15 bites from just 3 quick overnighters I was more than happy to be catch again as the previous months had been slow...even if they were only stocky’s hopefully one of those big originals were just around the corner!! A few came over a baited area but the majority of bites came from bright hookbaits such as Fruit Salad or Tuttis fished with tiny bags made up of Pellet Combo.
Harry Pardoe Spring Tench
I also squeezed a mornings Tenching in, a few decent fish on similar tactics to the Carp just scaled down. Something I should do more often, great to see big patches of fizz in the the early morning mist!