Betalin & Sweetcorn Booster Liquid


Betalin & Sweetcorn Booster Liquidfeatures Betalin which is renowned for its unparalleled attraction. Fish can't resist its unique aroma and taste. Sweetcorn, on the other hand, is a classic favourite that has lured countless fish

Customer Reviews

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Nick H (Hackney)
Excellent product

Have been using this in my spod mix and my success rate has been excellent

Kevin Hyam (Newham)
Corn beterlin

Very good stuff but now expensive for a soak

Simon Ashton (Consultant) (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Morning guys , Tried the betalin liquid booster at the weekend while I was breaming and found it to be a great additive to mixed with my particles. I simply poured a liberal amount into a bait tub and added lake water . I was using hinders hemp , sweetcorn and a few pints of caster .

It was a tough session due to the resident fish in spawning mode but still managed a brace of 8 pounders . Method feeders with 4mm tutti fruitti 4mm pellets boosted with the the matching boilie crumb . Hookbait was artificial corn .

Kristian Michell (Gloucester)
Great price for fantastic product

Used as part of a spod mix and you can tell that a lot of love has gone into making it. Smells incredible and clouds really well in the water giving off great scent. Landed my PB on the same session so it’s doing something right!

Mark Carvell (Bury St Edmunds)
Berlin and sweetcorn booster

No been able to use this yet due to lakes being closed due to the weather