Oils & Slimes

All our concentrates and liquids will give you that vital added attraction. For multi mixes, spod mixes, bag mixes, boilies, pellets and particles just pour, glug, dip or soak - you can't over do it and they're all PVA friendly too. 

Guaranteed to boost your bait!



Customer reviews

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Betalin yes good stuff 10 times sweeter than suger not caught on it carp on it yet good put on your baits pop ups beleave could effect neck of bottle just write dip it in thanks sending it me try out bottle put with good use fishing 30 years all time never come across much better betalin with good use

Hinders Choc Mint Tiger Nut Hookbaits

Hinders Carp Krunch

Hinders Tutti Frutti Boilies

Great service. First time out with the new bait and caught 32lb common on a very cold evening. We’ll pleased 😀

Chinese hemp

Exactly as described... A quality bait which split perfectly after a soak and 20min boil. Not cheap but worth it.