Hinders Crushed Hemp


Hinders Crushed Hemp is an ideal base for your groundbait and the natural oils from the hemp will create instant attraction in your swim. A huge amount of the success of our famous A Mix Groundbait is thanks to crushed hemp.  

  • Available in 800g resealable pouch, 5kg and 10kg
  • No preparation necessary - use straight from the bag 

        Customer Reviews

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        Keith Clarke (Swansea)
        Hinders crushed hemp +

        Keith Swansea
        I bought the crushed hemp which I scalded with hot water and the oil and smell that came from it was second to none I mixed it with the crushed tigers and what can I say except it was a good day on the lake excellent products wont be buying anywhere else from now on also bought other particles top quality *****

        Ian Peel (London)
        Hemp is best

        The Hinders crushed hemp is the best available. Will draw in and keep fish in your swim.
        Need to prep, however you soften in a thermos flask with water from a kettle.
        It smells great , it smells like a winner.

        Mark Shrimpton (Walsall)
        Crushed Hemp

        Have just reordered the above.
        The texture is amazing and is a fantastic additive to fishmeal groundbait which I have found works well on tench/bream
        Looking forward to trying on the river Severn barbel
        Very good value for money compared to Dynamite equivalent
        Finally, great service from Hinders 👍

        Paul Dennis (Thamesmead)
        Crushed hemp

        Good stuff and good delivery

        John Lazenby (Fleetwood)
        Nature's gift.

        Excellent product, easy site navigation, prompt delivery.