Boilies - why we think Stabilised Boilies are best

May 12, 2019 1 min read

Boilies are many anglers first choice use as a fishing bait, with so many boilies now available here at Hinders Bait we think our Stabilised Boilies are best. Working in conjunction with our bait expert Dr Keith Sykes we have produced a 'Stabilised Boilie' in all our boilie ranges. Watch our video below where we discuss why we think our boilies are the best out there....



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Great service

Excellent service will definitely use yourselves again 👍

Blitz mix

Love this companies bait products, used them for a number of years and never failed!.

Spot on

Spot on service

Cold days!

Used Tutti Frutti 12mm boilies this winter - Pop ups soaked in Tutti Frutti Betalin. Accounted for @50% more fish than companion using a popular coconut flavored boillie (over several trips on 3 different waters temps down to +3 ) - 18 carp so far.

Texture is soft which is a plus because I have been using crumbled baits in PVA with single boillie hook bait. Not tried the method without the Betalin to measure the results, might try that and post another review.

Quite expensive baits but excellent in the winter.

prepared hemp

excellent service as usual , the only down side I was not allowed to order more then 4 kilos at a time ?
But the Hemp is top quality highly recommended.