May 10, 2019 2 min read

After last weeks capture of the dark scaly stunner I could not wait to get back down the low stocked pit. As I mentioned in my last catch report I have been baiting a few areas of the lake with whole and crushed Tutti boilie, Flatz pellet, Little Gemz all glugged in Tutti Oil, just incase I could not get in one swim I still had more areas to fish. I wasn't able to get to the lake on Friday so I got there late on Saturday evening and most of the lake was stitched up with other anglers but lucky for me one of the swims that was left I had baited a few weeks before and on the end of a wind witch also can be a good thing. After a quick check of the spot I put out two singles one Tutti pop up and one New Fish Bait pop up both presented on a short stiff hinge rig. Nothing happened through the night just a few shows near the baited area and the same at first light but still no takes by midday most of the other anglers was starting to bait up I just sat watching the water. 30 minutes later the rod was in meltdown I was attached to another one of the pits residents after what felt like an age she was in the net. After unhooking and leaving her in the retainer to rest I recast my rod back on the spot  and I weighed my prize she went 21lb 14oz (check out the huge rudder thats where she got her power from!) An hour later the rod was off again after about 10 minutes over the net cord she went another dark scaly stunner this one pulled the needle round to 18lb on the nose.

Just goes to show pre-baiting extra spots on the lake for future sessions really does pay off.

Happy days - Lea